Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Web Wednesdays: Aicha Music Video = Hilarious

This is an old video, but I love it so much.

So this video has been stored in my YouTube vault for a long time. This guy's music video is just so fantastic. I'm sure that he gets all the ladies. Here it is:

Great parts of this video:
1) The words "She Moves How???"
2) His laying next to and on his Mickey Mouse bed sheets
Best of all:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Testimony Tuesday: I Was a Band Geek

For those of you who went to high school with me or really know me, this is no surprise. To the rest of you...SURPRISE!

I was in band 4th grade through 12th grade. Throughout my music career I did concert band, jazz band, marching band, and drumline. I also played nearly every percussion instrument (snare drum, timpani, triangle, etc), trombone, french horn, and mallet instruments (xylophone, marimba, vibraphone).

My main focus was drumline. Now if you are thinking of that movie with Nick Cannon, that's not what I did at all. Drumline consists of two seasons, fall and winter. During fall season all the members march crazy formations on the street while wearing their instruments on harnesses. This all happens while playing music. Below is an example of my high school. I am the one who starts of basically in the center of the screen (I'm the tallest one).

Then there's winter season. Winter season is a lot more involved and theatrical. The show typically runs between 6 and 7 minutes. Also, each show has an overarching theme. The themes of my shows included Blue Man Group, Africa, Hypnotic (Dreams), City Beats, Kaleidoscope, and Inferno (Dante's Inferno). The props, costumes, and music all work together to create a complete production. My high school competed regionally and nationally. Here is a video from my senior year. Sorry for the camera. And yes I'm the creepy one who starts off the show and plays marimba.

And there's a look into a side of me that maybe you didn't know.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Mondays: Adele Medley

These songs have died out for the most part on the radio so hopefully you can enjoy this.

Again it's a mashup, which I love. Adele is such a musical genius, so the starting material is already good. I just love that they blend the songs so well, one into the other. Then when they layer the songs, so they sing at the same time, my ears are at complete ease.  And I really like what they do to change the feel of Someone Like You. The beat behind the singing adds flavor and makes the cover unique.  Michael Henry and Justin Robinett have a lot of good covers, but I wanted to share this one because I heard Adele on the radio today. I hope you enjoyed.