Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Mondays: 9 Crimes

Before I dive into the song I wanted to make a brief side note. Some of you may have noticed I didn't do a Skillful Saturday. I'm sorry. But the original purpose of Saturdays were to get suggestions of things to do. No one has given suggestions, therefore I didn't do anything. So if you want to see me do something (sing, dance, juggle, etc) then please leave suggestions on my Facebook. Otherwise Skillful Saturdays may just die away.

Sorry for the interruption. This song is amazing! My first week of blogging I featured a cover. Last week I featured an album. This week I wanted to choose a song that could stand alone by itself. 9 Crimes by Damien Rice is that song. WARNING: Warner Music may not let you play this video directly on Blogger. If a message comes up you can simply click the Watch on YouTube link after clicking on this video below.

If you haven't heard it before now, you're welcome. But seriously this song is so powerful. It is simple and very haunting. I love the layering of the piano, cello, and two voices. The combination is perfect and gives me chills every time. This song is so good that I chose to include a video with no frills. None of the videos with actual footage did the song justice and were just distracting.

I think what makes this song so phenomenal and timeless are a few key factors. The topic (cheating involving someone who is married) is something that is very difficult to speak of in the first place. The lyrics are simple but do a wonderful job of telling a story of how the people involved know that this is wrong but can't stop. Secondly the song builds in just the right way. The song begins with a solemn piano intro. Then the girl is added on top of the piano. Damien Rice sings his part to introduce the other side of the relationship. Then they start singing together and the cello comes in very quietly. The cello builds as their voices build. Finally the song leaves with a short piano break to mirror the beginning.

This is a song that I love coming back to. I hope that you enjoyed.

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