Friday, October 19, 2012

TV Thursdays: Heroes (No Spoilers)

I know that this show hasn't been on TV in over two years, but I thought that it was still worth talking about.

Simple background, this show is about ordinary people who discover that they have super powers. The show follows these characters as they figure out how these powers affect their daily lives and the lives of others. During all of this, their is a company who is trying to control these super powered humans. The first season is all about how these characters are strangely connected in their attempt to save the world.

The show reminds me a lot of a live action comic book. Similar to superhero movies, the show is very stylized. As for other TV shows, I can't think of anything else that is too similar.

The first season of this show is amazing! I would recommend that everyone watches it. The season is 23 episodes and the plot is so good. The episodes quickly become addicting and tense, because like any superhero story there are also villains. The first season has a villain who is trying to kill them but people don't know what he looks like. It's so intense. The characters are developed very well and it's interesting to see how the characters figure out their abilities and come to realize how they can use these powers to help others.

Sadly, the show only gets worse after the first season. The second season was during the writer's strike, so it is short (11 episodes). The second season isn't awful, but it just wasn't as good as the first season. I would say that is still decent and possibly worth watching. After second season, things got really cheesy and a little ridiculous. And worst of all, the final episode has to resolution because the show was cancelled before the writers could wrap everything up. So season 4 just ends abruptly.

Heroes Season 1 is my focus today and I really would suggest watching it. I enjoyed it so much and I hope that either have already seen it or that this post will convince you to watch it.

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