Thursday, October 11, 2012

TV Thursdays: Dexter

This show is so good. To me, the entire concept is just really different. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Dexter is a blood splatter analyst at the Miami Metro Homicide. His secret? He is also a serial killer. But he's a different killer because he only kills other serial killers. Unlike in other shows and movies you actually cheer for and support Dexter, the serial killer.

I enjoy that each season feels like a miniseries. Yes the story continues between each season, but each season is also clearly defined by a core killer. And these killers have clever monikers such as The Ice Truck Killer, The Bay Harbor Butcher, and The Trinity Killer. Since Dexter hunts other killers, obviously he is chasing down a new killer each season.

The writers do a great job of building suspense that keeps you interested. In the series there are definitely some twists that happen that you would never suspect. I don't want to give anything away because I love this series and would hate to spoil anything. And with me not giving anything away, it's a subtle hint that I'm telling you that you need to watch it.  Anyway, back to the twists. If you've watched the series you know the BIG twist that I'm talking about.  Such good writing. Speaking of good writing... I also love this show because each season builds and the season finale is always super suspenseful and amazing.

Now on to this season. They are now on the 7th season. I can't believe it's been that long. If you are worried about having to watch a lot, it's worth it and you will go through the seasons so quickly. It's addicting.  But the current season is really good. Some serious stuff is going down and it is SO intense. It's been two episodes and it's already crazy.

As a warning this is an HBO show. This means extra long episodes (around 55 minutes), nudity, and language. The first aspect I don't mind.  The story is so interesting that having longer episodes is actually enjoyable. The nudity is definitely unnecessary but not too overwhelming. As for the language, most of it comes from Dexter's sister Deb.

Overall this show is amazing. Yes it's about a killer. So if you are not okay with mild gore/ disturbing images, don't watch this show. But to everyone else I highly recommend watching. My favorite season is season 4.

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