Friday, October 5, 2012

Film Fridays: Looper

I'm guessing that most of you haven't seen this movie yet because it just came out last Friday. Originally I was a little skeptical of the movie based on the trailer. However, I am easily swayed by critics. When I saw the universally positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike I decided that I had to see the movie.

The movie stars Joseph Gordon Levitt (JGL) as Joe Simmons in the year 2044. Crime is on the rise and the economy is slowly collapsing. In 2074 time travel is invented but soon outlawed. Crime bosses secretly use this technology to send people they want killed back in time to dispose of bodies more discretely. Joe works as a looper, who are the hired assassins that kill the people that are sent back in time. He runs into a problem when his future self, Bruce Willis, is sent back in time to be killed. JGL is surprised to see an older version of himself and in his distraction gets knocked out and Bruce Willis escapes. The rest of the movie is JGL searching for Bruce Willis in hopes of killing him and "closing the loop." Meanwhile Bruce Willis is on a mission to find the "Rainmaker" who is the boss in charge of the entire looper system. If he can kill the rainmaker in the year 2044, the looper system will never be created.

Some extra details I think you should be aware of are: first, there are a couple nude scenes that I was not expecting and were absolutely unnecessary. I'm not just saying that. The nudity seriously had nothing to do with the rest of the story and carried no important significance. Secondly, JGL looks so freaky.  I'm telling you to prepare yourself now. When I say freaky I don't mean eerie or psychopathic. I mean he doesn't look like a normal human being. The nose is strange but I can get over that. The contacts in his eyes are just so scary looking. And lastly, in the movie about 10% of the population are telekinetic or as the call it TK's.  Some creepy stuff goes on because of them.

This movie was great. Yes it was a little graphic at times, but that is expected because it is an action movie. The movie is interesting because it gets you thinking. After the movie I kept trying to figure things out. It was a really enjoyable movie and I would definitely recommend seeing it.

My rating: 90%
Rotten Tomatoes: 94%
Entertainment Weekly: B+
Roger Ebert: ★★★½

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