Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Web Wednesdays: Sporcle

Ok. Before I go into any details here is a link to their homepage:
What exactly is Sporcle? It is a website filled with nearly 300,000 timed quizzes. Now I know what you're thinking.  Why would I want to take a quiz when I'm not in school? These quizzes are more diverse than you could ever imagine. There are quizzes on anything from Harry Potter, to famous logos, to listing all 50 states.

The biggest  challenge is that all of the quizzes are timed. These quizzes can last from anywhere between 1 minute and 20 minutes. The longer quizzes are for topics such as listing the 100 most commonly used words in the English language.

Maybe you're still not fully entertained by this site. If you are like me and are competitive, after you finish the quiz you can check how well you did compared to everyone else who has taken the quiz. I love it when I take a quiz and see that I made it above the 90th percentile. This feature is definitely one of my favorite parts of Sporcle.

And the topics available are so numerous that you can easily find something that interests you. Here are some of my favorite quizzes I have found:

1) Harry Potter Top 200 - Name the top 200 most mentioned characters in the Harry Potter series
2) The Oscars! (2000s) - Name the winners of the 6 major Oscars categories between 2000-2009
3) MLB Teams - Name all of the Major League baseball teams
4) Movie Posters - Name the movie based on the poster (there are a series of ten of these quizzes)
5) And some of my favorite quizzes are the most popular baby name quizzes. Seriously there are so many of them from most popular baby names in 2011 to most popular boy names in the past 100 years starting with J. I just love seeing what names have been or are popular. Do people really name their kids Bryleigh, Kimber, and Journee? If this is the name of your second cousin twice removed, I'm sorry.

Maybe you already knew about this site. Maybe you didn't. Either way I would I strongly advise you to at least try a few quizzes. Hopefully it will cheer you up a little or make you feel really smart.

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