Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skillfull Saturday: Poetry

Normally this would be the day I share a video of myself performing some skill. However my camera on my computer isn't working, and I didn't get any suggestions. But this was the perfect opportunity to try a different skill. One of my housemates suggested writing a poem. This is what I came up with:


Alone with nothing to cling to
What is this life I live?
I’ve tried to keep my head up
Still I find myself lost

Years of school and nothing to show
No clue what I’m doing
Searching for what I want in life
Still I find myself lost

Why am I so apathetic?
Daily joys have run away
Routine to distract my tired soul
Still I find myself lost

Why should I get out of my bed?
I’d rather slip away
Yet I wake eager for some hope
Still I find myself lost

Which reigns supreme, logic or dreams?
Settling for safe bets
Giving up and choosing plain life
Still I find myself lost

I hope you enjoyed the poem. Maybe some of you can read this and know that you are no alone. This is the end of my first week blogging and I will return again on Monday. If you have any suggestions for a skill for next week or if you want my opinion on any music, tv show, or movie, just let me know. Peace.

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