Monday, October 1, 2012

Music Mondays: Anthem Lights' Cover of One Direction

For those of you who saw this on my page already, I'm sorry. Actually, I'm not sorry because this cover is truly fantastic.

Let's get back to the music. Here is the amazing cover I found last week:

And if you have an iPhone and the above video doesn't work for some reason, here's the direct link:

Amazing, right? Now some of you might be asking, "One Direction? Really?" Yes! When I first heard about One Direction I did have my doubts. Another teeny-bopper, Disney style boy band was not what I was interested in. However, after hearing "What Makes You Beautiful" I was changed. With their catchy melodies and easily memorable lyrics how could you deny a taste of One Direction's tempting music.

I can enjoy popular tunes on the radio just as much as the next person. What I'm a sucker for is mashups that are done well. If someone can change the feel of the song on top of creating a mashup, they have completely won me over. Anthem Lights takes upbeat pop songs and blends them in a very raw and vulnerable medley.

The cover itself starts with a simple vocal rendition of "Gotta Be You." This is followed by a quick transition into "One Thing." Each member of the group surprised me with their voice. However, for me the shining moment is when the fourth singer comes in with "Something's gotta give now." His voice is so soothing and pure. Yes there is a slight rasp, but every time his voice gives me chills.

If their solo performances are not enough for you, the harmonies are the tipping point. I'm not sure how your speaker system is, but if nothing else listen to the video through a pair of headphones. When you take the time and listen to all of the harmonies, you will hear what I mean.

Simply, this cover is phenomenal. They even managed to thrown in a plug to Backstreet Boys. I'm definitely a fan.  I hope you all enjoyed this song because when I found it I could not stop listening. Maybe you will find yourself in the same position.

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