Thursday, October 4, 2012

TV Thursdays: Modern Family

This was such a hard decision, choosing which TV show to start with. But my decision was soon made after I turned the TV on last night, excited to watch the new episode of Modern Family, when I was shocked to see in place of my beloved show - Local Public News. Why would ABC tease me with the premiere last week and then fail to air the next episode this week?

But onto the actual show. Modern Family follows a mockumentary format similar to The Office or Parks and Recreation. There are three families that are followed who are in fact all family. One family is an older man who recently got married to a younger Colombian woman. His kids are part of the other two families: a gay couple and a stereotypical couple with three kids of their own.

This show is hilarious. All of the characters have something special to offer.  Honestly though, the non-Pritchetts are my favorite characters. It's really hard to pick my favorite, but I probably have to say Gloria. She is so loud and over the top with her emotions and facial expressions. Maybe I can just relate to the ridiculous faces. But seriously, her character is so funny. Cam is also extremely flamboyant and not afraid to create a scene.  Then there's Phil.  I love Phil so much. He thinks he's so cool but in reality he's just so painfully awkward. I feel like I might be him when I'm older. That's a scary yet hilarious thought.

A few random facts you might not know. Sofia Vergara who plays Gloria on the show is a natural blonde. If you don't believe me look it up. Also despite the age difference on the show, the actors who play Alex, Luke, and Manny are all the same age in real life. And have you ever thought Claire looks familiar? That's because she played Jack's wife on Lost.

Some of my favorite episode are:

1) "The Kiss" - Alex likes a boy and Haley tries to get her to do something about it. Also Gloria is honoring her dead grandmother and guilts Jay into performing "rituals." This episode has so many funny story lines and great quotes.
            "Your kids don't need to know who you were before you had them; they need to know who you wish you were, and try to live up to that person. They're gonna fall short, but better they fall short of the fake you than the real you." - Claire

2) "Caught in the Act" - It is Phil and Claire's anniversary and their kids catch them in the act while trying to deliver breakfast in bed. Meanwhile Gloria accidentally sends Claire a rude message over email.
   Quote:     Phil: "We were, as they say, having sex."
              Claire: "That's not a euphemism. That's actually what we were doing."

Okay I'll keep it down to two because this is getting long. But this show is awesome. The best season by far is Season 2.  It's now onto the 4th season and the first episode was very promising. My biggest complaint though is Lily. Yes the old Lily didn't do much, but the new Lily is kind of annoying. Besides that I love the show. Haha. If you haven't watched the show I would recommend you start ASAP.  The episodes are short and you can easily breeze through the seasons. Enjoy the show.


  1. I don't like the new Lily either! I think she looks a little creepy/ that wrong to say about a child? lol

  2. Haha. I just laughed out loud and probably looked crazy to my roommate. But that's actually completely okay to say...because it's true.