Monday, October 1, 2012

The Beginning

So...this is my attempt at starting a blog.  It all stemmed from a simple thought I had that I wanted to share some of the awesome things I find, but also to share a little about myself.  No, I am not an excellent writer, nor do I think that my blog will be turned into a movie like Julie & Julia, which is an excellent movie by the way.  I simply want my blog to be a resource for other people.

My format.  Recently I have had a lot of time, so this is my plan.  I will bravely attempt to create an entry each day except Sundays.  I know what you're thinking.  Everyday?  Isn't that excessive?  It may seem that way, but my blog will follow a weekly format.  Here it is:

Music Mondays: I share either a song, album, or video and give my opinion.  I will most likely feature music that I enjoy, but if a song is particularly popular I might give my opinion even if it is negative.

Testimony Tuesdays: I share some fact about myself.  Hopefully it is interesting and new to the readers.

Web Wednesdays: I share something I have found online that I think is insightful, funny, relevant, or just cool.

TV Thursdays: I share my opinion on different TV shows.  I will include what I think about the most recent episodes of shows that are currently airing.

Film Fridays: I share a movie either that I have recently seen or one that I am particularly fond of.  If I see a film in theaters I will definitely discuss if I think it's worth seeing in theaters or if you can wait until it comes out on DVD.

Skillful Saturdays: This day scares me the most.  I attempt a new skill every Saturday.  On these days I include a video showing my attempt.  Sadly I know that I will definitely fail some of these.  But it gets me trying new things and there is good news for my readers.  These skills I attempt are determined by you.  Simply provide suggestions and I choose the most popular.

I hope that you will enjoy my daily entries.  If you like what I have to say share it with your friends.  And so the project begins...

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  1. This is great, AJ! I intend to check up whenever I can :)
    [this is Jon Seligman, btw]